Wanna Partner With The Pleasure Bank?

We’re always seeking new partnerships and collaborations – artistic, promotional, intimate, and many other forms of getting tied-up together (in ahem, business) – we’re an open bank! Curious? Want to be part of shaping and maintaining The Pleasure Bank? Then read on…!

About The Pleasure Bank

The Pleasure Bank (TPB) is an initiative of the Share-Net Netherlands Community of Practice on Sexual Pleasure, in collaboration with Share-Net International. TPB is an open-source repository of pleasure-centered images, intended for pleasure-advocates and educators to use in educational contexts. 

In 2022, we set out on a mission to move beyond the realms of pleasure positive language, to a new era of pleasure positive imagery. As Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) experts and advocates, we knew all too well the reality of how difficult it can be to find the right images to support sexuality education. It can be very limiting to not have the right images showcasing the full extent of sexual pleasure, including the spectrum of wonderful diverse bodies, genders, sexualities and emotions!

 And so, we set off by hiring a youth consultant to scour the internet to see what would surface when looking for pleasure-focused imagery and needless to say, the results weren’t great (i.e., often unrealistic, cis-heteronormative, and dehumanising). With this finding in mind, we developed parameters for what we consider to be crucial in assessing whether an image is pleasure-focused or not and created Beyond Bananas: A Guide to Identify Good Pleasure-Focused Imagery.

Further to this, ThePleasureBank.com was developed, offering an open-source gallery of pleasure-centered, realistic, sensitive, and emotional images depicting realistic sexual-pleasure encounters that everyday humans with their beautifully diverse bodies have. The images serve as a resource for sexuality educators, that can be used for educational purposes to depict realistic impressions of pleasure. TPB consists of illustrations donated by artists, which we anticipate growing to become a large database in the coming years. 

Benefits of Partnership with The Pleasure Bank

In case you need a little more persuasion – here’s how your organisation benefits!

  • Visibly and actively supporting Sexual Pleasure and Comprehensive Sexuality Education
  • Contributing to the types of images that are available on TPB through commissioning pleasure-centered illustrations
  • Promotion of your organisation via TPB as an active supporter and/or partner of sexual pleasure and CSE – we publish active supporters on our partners page and promote them as partners in TPB’s communications materials
  • Access to a network of pleasure-centered illustrators, activists, and experts 

What kind of partnership are we looking for?

Partnerships are essential for the success of projects like TPB. Currently, we are offering two types of partnerships: Financial and Social. However, we recognise that partnerships can have many different forms and we are open to discussing other types of partnerships. If you have ideas for another kind of partnership, you can always send us an email with your proposal. 

Financial partnership:

As a financial partner, you would contribute to the commission of new illustrations and payment of creatives, or to the further development and expansion of the platform: 

  • Commissioning of illustrations. Within this partnership, you would agree to commission and pay for at least 2 images per year to be added to TPB. This type of financial partnership is about giving back to the pleasure community and supporting creatives. 
  • Sponsorship of TPB.  We have just launched our first edition of TPB but already know that we will need financial support to be able to update the platform and add in new features as it continues to grow. Within this partnership, you can contribute an amount of money (one off or yearly) to support us with updating and maintaining the platform. This type of financial partnership is related to longer-term sustainability and accessibility. We want TPB to grow to be accessible so that it can be used by everyone globally for sexuality- and pleasure-centered educational purposes. 

Financial Partnership Expectations

Below we have outlined our expectations for partnerships. This includes;

  • Commissioning at least x2 images per year to be added to TPB, this contributes to making TPB more holistic and representative of the pleasure full spectrum
  • Contribute input for ways we can improve and update TPB
  • Join our bi-annual community events 
  • Provide your logo to be added to TPB’s partnership page
  • Provide a testimonial statement on why you support TPB to be publishedon TPB’s partners page

Social and Media Partnerships:

As a social partner, you will support TPB’s visibility and champion us in your networks:

  • Social Media and Communications Visibility: Share about TPB on your social media and communications channels, write reviews and articles about us, tag us in relevant opportunities, talk about us on podcasts – your promotion of TPB is highly valued!
  • Media and Conference opportunities and features: Keep us in mind for promotional opportunities – invite us to be speakers and facilitators at conferences, in educational settings, workshops, festivals, or at other events. 

Social Partnership Expectations

  • Share information about TPB on your social media channels
  • Join our bi-annual community events
  • Provide your logo to be added to TPB’s partnership page, and add TPB’s logo to your website as a partner
  • Support TPB with promotional opportunities and visibility 

How to Partner with The Pleasure Bank

To discuss future partnerships further, please reach out to info@thepleasurebank.com