Artist Information and Image Criteria

The Pleasure Bank (TPB) has a mission to move beyond the realms of pleasure positive language, to a new era of pleasure positive imagery! Founded by Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) experts and advocates at Share-Net, we know all too well how difficult it can be to find the right images to support accurate sexual please work and education, and how limiting it can be to not have the right images showcasing the spectrum of sexual pleasure, including the unlimited scope of wonderful diverse bodies, genders, sexualities and emotions! 

Therefore, we launched TPB to start filling this gap, offering accurate, real, tender, emotional, and raw images of Sexual Pleasure for the world to benefit from! TPB has Images that everyone can see; images that educators can use to promote real sexually pleasurable and fun depictions of sexuality, images nthat reach everyday people learning about sexual pleasure and intimacy. And lastly, TPB is also place where artists gain visibility as creatives leading the way in illustrating and promoting realistic sexual pleasure!

Do you want your work featured in our image ‘bank’?

A picture really is worth a thousand words and when it comes to showcasing the spectrum of pleasure, we desperately need the right pictures! 

Do you have illustrations that showcase pleasure in all its diversity? If so, consider gifting them to The Pleasure Bank to help us – health educators and pleasure pioneers around the world – to achieve our goal of normalising and celebrating sexual pleasure. If you feel the urge to share your work and contribute to this mission, read on!

Creative Commons, and Artists Integrity and Benefits

If you’re wondering how we protect artists’ integrity and how artists benefit from contributing to TPB, here is how we’ve set everything up! Firstly, all featured illustrations on TPB are published under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). This license allows re-users of the illustrations to copy and distribute the material in any medium or format in unadapted form only, for noncommercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator. You can read more about TPB’s terms of use for artworks here

To download images, individuals must agree to TPB’s image usage terms and the CC license. After agreeing to this, a download link is sent via email. This enables us to track who is downlaoding images, and ensuring individuals agree to using the images ethically, and of course crediting the creator.

While the illustrations featured on TPB are free to download, we highly encourage those who can afford to pay you, the artists, to pay you! We’re aware the creative industry is frequently exploited, and we want TPB to be a space for community, appreciation, and support. 

We acknowledge offering exposure is not a great incentive or a replacement for remuneration, however we do hope that by being featured in TPB, that you, the artist, gains greater visibility and a new or wider audience as a pleasure-centered artist. For creatives who use Patreon, Etsy, or other platforms in which donations or purchases of your work can be made, please send the relevant links, as well as the links to your social media and websites to us so we ensure you are promoted fully. We publish all promotional links to your pages in the image gallery. We hope by donating illustrations to TPB that you also gain a larger audience, fan-base, and other marks of appreciation!

What TPB is Looking For: Illustration Guidelines

TPB seeks illustrations showing realistic and diverse depictions of the full pleasure spectrum. As an illustration repository of pleasure, we are not able to accept photographic work. We are seeking pleasure-centered illustrations that are:

  1. Realistic
  2. Evidence-based
  3. Showing bodily-, gender-, ethnically, ability-, and sexuality/sexually diverse images and are representative of real, everyday humans
  4. Sex-positive

Please see our guidelines on sexual pleasure imagery here for more guidance: Beyond Bananas: A Guide to Identify Good Pleasure-Focused Imagery

We add images which meet the following criteria, as defined in Beyond Bananas:

Realistic ImagesSex Positive ImagesInclusive ImagesEvidence Based Images
1. Does the image reflect an authentic sexual practice?
2. Does the image reflect authentic bodies?
3. Does the image foster a healthy body image?
4. Can the audience identify with the image?
1. Is the image Pleasure focused?
2. Does the image portray sexuality in a positive way?
3. Does the image contain people (with heads and faces) connecting?
4. Does the image not induce fear about sex?
1. Can the audience identify with the image?
2. Does this image source portray inclusive bodies, genitals, sexual preferences, and practices?
1. Do the images provide evidence based information?
2. Does the images unnecessarily conceal information?
3. Are the images too complex or simple for the audience?

Wanna Donate Images? 

Amazing! Please email your images to with:

  • The image(s) name(s)
  • A short description of each image (max 50 words)
  • Links to your website, social media accounts, and any supporting channels (e.g., Patreon, Etsy, OnlyFans, etc.). 

All submitted artworks are reviewed by The Pleasure Bank team in-line with the criteria identified in the Beyond Bananas Guide. If your work is selected to be published, we will email you to notify you shortly afterward you have submitted the image(s). We’ll then add your images to the gallery, and promote them and you on TPB’s social media!